Move I Explore I Transform

Are you:

  • Tired of feeling sore and achey?
  • Tired of chronic pain?
  • Unable to pull your posture up?
  • Feeling like a stick?
  • Scared to get back to exercise because it just hurts too much?

Movement is Medicine

Don't let the word 'Pilates' scare you away. It is the safest, most intelligent and most strategic form of exercise you will ever experience. As a matter of fact, Pilates is the go-to form of post rehab exercise recommended by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Rheumatologists alike to help their patients get back to their day-to-day. Gone are the days of bed rest after a back injury, movement is the key message here so bring us your sore bodies! We specialize in pain management through safe and mindful movement. Our goal? To introduce and develop the fundamental principles of safe movement in a non intimidating environment. Whether it is a Remedial Matwork Pilates class or an advanced class, you will learn the proper technique to set you up for movement success...it's what we do best! Modifications are always provided during your small group classes and options are given to ensure you are always in the 'drivers seat'.

Remedial & Beginners Pilates

Exploring gentle, mindful movements to support improvements in strength, flexibility and overall postural integrity. This class is ideal for those experiencing neck, back or other joint weaknesses. If you are currently working with a health professional, Extension Pilates and Wellness Coaching will remain in close contact with them to ensure your recovery needs are being met.

Pilates Flow

This class caters to our seasoned pro's, a.k.a our 'Pilates practitioners'. For those who are continuing to expand the level of skill and intensity as we explore and integrate the classical matwork repertoire with new challenges. This class expands the use of equipment such as Therabands, weighted balls, Bolsters, Pilates rings and more.

Functional Pilates

Kicking up the Pilates possibilities with this functional movement class while always keeping the Pilates principles in mind. This class works intelligently through both standing and matwork Pilates to support your day-to-day movement for years to come.

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