Extension Pilates

Before you get started with classes, here's a little bit more about who we are and what we do

Serving Our Community Since 2007

16 glorious years of teaching Pilates to our Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga community with mat work based Pilates! With a deep knowledge of movement and chronic pain I work with all abilities in a safe and non judgemental space to help you build strength and confidence in motion. Many of my participants have been with me for many years.

In the health industry for 30 + years

I've learned a LOT in my 30 + years in the wellness industry and I've seen many fitness trends come and go (and I've tried them all)!  But Pilates remains to this day, the gold standard for remedial movement (getting you back on your feet), to functional movement (keeping you strong and capable for all of life's movements), and equally as important for building efficacy (the belief that you can do it). 

My teaching style

I have learned over many years that our bodies are built for movement and can move in a multitude of ways. When I first ventured into teaching Pilates we were taught that movement needed to be precise. While there is beauty in the nuances of the movement of Pilates there is also a lot of freedom to move in different ways. I always offer choice of movements with modifications to an exercise so that I can meet you where you are. As an instructor it is my mission to help set up the movement in a way that makes you more successful in executing it, even if you've never done it before.


I have been regularly attending Deana's Intermediate Pilates class for about a year, and I'm so grateful to have been introduced to Deana! I was new to Pilates when I started and very much in need of a wellness component to my routine that would alleviate pain caused by muscle and joint tightness, as well as provide body awareness to keep me improving in my physical health.  Deana's classes met both of those needs. Her routines consider the whole body in a right balance and she creatively and clearly she explains every movement to keep us safe as we exercise, and to build in us a knowledge of our own bodies.  Even in a class setting, Deana's goal is to provide personalized support to her clients. Her true passion for wellness and her enthusiasm are contagious!

Jen D Teacher