Movement in its most thoughtful form

Pilates As Your Foundation

Much like building a house, Extension Pilates works first to build a solid foundation to support the development of your ‘home’. Whether it be in a Remedial Pilates class or in an advanced class, you will learn the proper technique and a whole lot about your inner workings.

Highly Adaptable:

Pilates is adaptable to all levels and abilities with it's multitude of modifications. It is known to be one of the best forms of remedial movement.

Building Body (And Brain) Awareness:

Moving with intention and purpose builds a deeper awareness of your body (and brain) and how you move through the world. Corny? Yes, but absolutely true!

Confidence in movement:

Build confidence in movement through repetition and a layered, progressive approach to teaching.

Length & Strength:

Pilates is a highly effective way to both lengthen and strengthen the body, where every movement means something

What sets us apart

Small Class Sizes

Small numbers = lots of supervision and all set in a non-intimidating, supportive and relaxed environment.

Self Efficacy & Strength Based

As a certified coach I apply the fundamental principles of coaching (self -efficacy - the belief that you are indeed capable & strength based - layering up the movements) as you build your confidence in movement. 

Virtual and In Person classes

Offering lots of flexibility as to how you participate making your Pilates experience your own.

Over 30 Years Of Experience

Yup, and we are just getting started...metaphorically speaking of course. 30 + years in the wellness industry and in that, 20 glorious years teaching.

What Our Participants Are Saying

“I began Pilates classes with Deana over 14 years ago and continue to participate in her classes. Pilates has strengthened my body, increased my flexibility, helped me lose weight and raised my spirits significantly. As a trainer, Deana is encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable. She really listens to her clients and can modify a class according to their needs and ability levels. With small groups Deana is able to keep a watchful eye on each person to ensure that proper form and technique is being achieved."

Larysa F.


“I have been struggling with my back since 2012. I have been on a frustrating roller coaster ride since then with specialists, pain meds and different exercise plans. I just could not get a steady plan going. I was referred to Deana and she took her time to understand what my problem was. I started to attend her online classes and her mix of core, hips and pelvis exercises has been really good for me. I am trying to get back on the golf course and she has helped me with that too. I've now got a plan that includes regular pilates, some good stretching aids and a solid warm-up/warm-down program. I'm really happy to be back on the golf course with Deana's help."

John C.


“My pilates classes with Deana have been a real eye opener. Her depth of knowledge, care and concern for her practioners and ability to explain adaptations of the movements to suit every level have made these classes effective, fun and safe to practice. I particularly love the yoga tune up balls, they can get into the really deep areas so well.

Heather R.


“On the recommendation of my chiropractor, I started Remedial Pilates classes with Deana to focus on improving hip joint issues. In the short time I’ve been participating, hip and overall strength and flexibility have increased. Deana’s sound-based knowledge of the body/mind system guides her in gently challenging each individual in the class.  Sometimes we even get into impromptu Coaching conversations. Boredom never sets in – in fact, I can’t believe the hour goes by so quickly!"

Nancy B


“Having experienced some lower back pain I told a friend that I would not be going to Pilates Class because I didn't think I could do anything. My friend encouraged me saying, "Oh, if you have back pain that is the time you need Pilates." I decided to try the class and I have to admit my friend was absolutely correct! Deana made sure to adjust the exercises so I could fully participate. She encouraged me to be gentle while at the same time stretching and relieving muscle pain. I left Pilates class feeling so MUCH better! Thank you Deana. "

Lexie C.


"Deana's Pilates classes have really helped me strengthen my core to the point that I no longer have back pain, which is something I've suffered from as an adult. She has helped so many women with everything from back pain to shoulder pain to knee pain. Deana really knows her stuff, is fun and engaging. I've been going to Deana's Pilates classes for 7 years now and she still comes up with new moves every single class. I also love the smaller groups as we get individual attention."

Rupal H.

Respiratory Therapist