“I began Pilates classes with Deana over six years ago and continue to participate in her classes. Pilates has strengthened my body, increased my flexibility, helped me lose weight and raised my spirits significantly. As a trainer, Deana is encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable. She really listens to her clients and can modify a class according to their needs and ability levels. With small groups Deana is able to keep a watchful eye on each person to ensure that proper form and technique is being achieved. I like the warm environment she has created in her studio and find it an ideal place to learn Pilates.”  Larysa

” I have been coming to Deana for over three years now and definitely see a marked difference in my body. She is an enthusiastic instructor who pushes me to do my best, challenges every muscle and her workouts fill me with energy. You owe it to yourself to join her class!”  Livia

“I have had the pleasure of working with Deana as my Wellness Coach for the past 6 months. I didn’t know much about Wellness Coaching but needed some guidance on achieving some upcoming goals. I’ve learned how well Deana is equipped with great knowledge on how to help people achieve their successes or as she calls it, reach their ‘mountaintop’ in life. The thing I really appreciate is that she has a knack for putting a positive spin on things. So instead of letting me dwell in the negative as many of us do when we feel like we’ve failed in something, she helps you learn from what went wrong in that situation and gives you other ways of looking at in in the positive. This, in turn, allows you to figure out how to turn it into a success the next time around. On top of that, she explains at the very beginning that everything said between us is completely confidential which really allows you to lay everything on the table. With Deana’s coaching I have been mapping out short term and long term goals (one of which is participating in my first triathlon at the end of June!) and have learned to manage my time better in order to make the most out of it. Needless to say, I have had (and am still having) a very positive experience and would highly recommend trying Deana out as your Wellness Coach.”   Andrea

“On the recommendation of my chiropractor, I started Remedial Pilates classes with Deana to focus on improving hip joint issues. In the short time I’ve been participating, hip and overall strength and flexibility have increased. Deana’s sound-based knowledge of the body/mind system guides her in gently challenging each individual in the class.  Boredom never sets in – in fact, I can’t believe the hour goes by so quickly!  Nancy

“I was a stay at home mom for ten years and wanted to return to the work force.  After such a long time, I found I had developed some self limiting beliefs and behaviours. Basically I had lost my self confidence. Deana gave me the guidance to create a plan and to take action. She gently pushed me to see that I am capable and to believe in myself again. Deana has a very supportive, comforting coaching style, which totally puts you at ease. Her ability to draw out what is truly most important to you and go from there is her unique gift. ” Margaret