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What We Do Best


Much like building a house,  Extension Pilates works first to build a solid foundation to support the development of the rest of your ‘home’. Whether it be in a Remedial Pilates class or in an advanced class, you will learn the proper technique to set you up for success.


Extend your wellness know how with our 'Coach approach' e-learning series where you will learn what it takes to create life long healthy habits. Our courses dig deep into the proven strategies of change , exploring both the 'how' and the 'why' across many different health subjects.


Transformation through the power of Coaching. Wellness Coaching is a strength-based approach to change that helps move you from a place of being ‘stuck’ to achieving great outcomes - from the “I want” or “I should be doing” to the mighty “I am consistently doing!"

     Her ability to draw out what is most important to you is her unique gift     

“I was a stay at home mom for ten years and wanted to return to the work force.  After such a long time, I found I had developed some self limiting beliefs and behaviours. Basically I had lost my self confidence. Deana gave me the guidance to create a plan and to take action. She gently pushed me to see that I am capable and to believe in myself again. Deana has a very supportive, comforting coaching style, which totally puts you at ease. Her ability to draw out what is truly most important to you is her unique gift. ”

Margaret A., Mom extraodinaire

What sets us apart


We are a full circle wellness community since 2006 where the power of movement,  wellbeing and coaching come together.Enter your text here...

Small Class Sizes

Small numbers = lots of supervision and all set in a non-intimidating, supportive and relaxed environment

Self Efficacy & Strength Based

Change can be a difficult thing but when you understand your strengths and how to leverage them, amazing things start to happen. 

The Coach Approach

Wellness Courses built with proven Coaching methods to help you navigate your way through the highs and lows of change.

Over 25 Years Of Experience

Yup, and we are just getting started...metaphorically speaking of course.