What sets Extension Pilates and Wellness Coaching apart?

Here is just the beginning of what sets our ‘little company that could’ apart from the big guys.

* Improving self-efficacy (the belief that you CAN do it) – At Extension Pilates and Wellness Coaching we are working hard to quash the notion that Pilates and overall change is hard to do. Our Remedial and beginners Pilates classes are geared to those who may question if Pilates is ‘do-able’. When you build your foundations first along with your general knowledge of how and why we move a certain way, you will be see how ‘do-able’, and ultimately how powerful Pilates really is! As for Coaching, we break the process of change into steps and strategies so that the overwhelming becomes satisfying. I like to use the analogy that if change is the large elephant in the room, and you are expected to eat the whole thing, Coaching is taking it one smart, strategic bite at at time.

* Quality of care – Extension Pilates will work closely with your care provider (Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Osteo, Rheumatologist. etc) to ensure we are doing the right things to propel you forward.

* Getting started – Both Pilates and Wellness Coaching are your best tools to set you on your path of overall wellness success. How you may ask? Pilates teaches you the specific muscle recruitment patterns, body awareness and proper breathing techniques to make you stronger for any activity you choose to do. Wellness Coaching sets the ground work by helping create a clear vision of where it is you are heading and how you are going to get there. Coaching is about clarity, strategy, accountability and outcomes!

* Small class sizes – Small class sizes means the instructor can supervise, correct and modify much more effectively.

* Experience – over 25 years of experience in the Fitness and Wellness industry.

* Customer service – Life is busy. With our online scheduling system, booking a class is free and easy. We remind our participants weekly to register to make the process faster and easier and our system reminds you the day before your class.

About the Author Deana Tsiapalis

Deana Tsiapalis has worked in the banana fields in Australia, trekked up the Chieftain in Squamish, B.C. and has helped her daughter transition from a Hip Hop dancer to Swan Lake in point shoes in less than 1 min, 30 secs flat! She has an impossibly difficult last name to pronounce but has embraced it appreciatively with her family of 5. Deana has been in the fitness and wellness business for 25 years. As a certified Wellness Coach and a movement specialist, Deana pulls it all together with Extension Pilates & Wellness Coaching

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