Move I Explore I Transform

Coaching is a strength-based approach to change that helps move you from a place of being ‘stuck’ to achieving great outcomes (from the “I want” or “I should be doing” to the mighty “I am doing”). Essentially, coaches assist you to connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be. It is an opportunity to explore, create and refine your own personal vision statement and in the process, gaining a clear picture of  your values and what motivates you to move forward.

Now more then ever, Coaching is a powerful tool for those who are overwhelmed by the process of change. Busy lives and multiple priorities often derail our attempts to foster change and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Despite continuous media attention, a multitude of health related products on the market and an unlimited supply of information, there are now more overweight people than undernourished people worldwide (WHO Fact Sheet, 2006).

As your Coach, I am your strategic partner in setting the change wheels in motion by helping you determine clear, concise and measurable goals. I can help you navigate through the inevitable obstacles to change including confusion, resistance, and ambivalence. Coaching is so effective because it blends accountability with action.

Coaching is the art and science of behavioural change based on evidence-based tools and positive psychology practices. It distinguishes itself from Psychotherapy by understanding how to make things happen, not why things didn’t work in the past.

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