Tame Your Sugar Cravings And Feel In Control Even If 
You Have Tried Before.


This Program Didn't just fall Into Your Lap, You Found It Because...

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    You are done with the highs and lows of sugar consumption and are ready to make a real shift in your sugar habits. Discover the 'how' and the often untapped 'why' of what it really takes to tame the sugar beast!
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    YOU WANT CHANGE BUT CANNOT DO IT ON WILLPOWER ALONE                 Not this time, it's time to dig a little bit deeper and do the work to discover where the magic really happens. To truly understand the 'how' and the often untapped 'why' of behaviour change.
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    As Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up some place else." A clear path, a strategic approach and the know-how to execute!
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    This is not just an information push where we tell you what to eat and then walk away. Nope! We are equal partners in this process, so let's dig in, dive deep and do the work to support sustainable, positive, life altering change!

What does the course look like?

6  Modules that will will help you kick the sugar habit once and for all

Module 1

Move beyond relying on willpower alone and into Module 1 where we dig deep and lay the ground work for your adventures in change. Understand your relationship with sugar and find your emotional hook to keep you going!

Module 2

 Learn the important piece of the puzzle that is all too often missed. This Module taps into an incredibly powerful tool that you have available to you everyday...but didn't even knew you had and so much more!

Module 3

 The Science! All the stuff you need to know so that you can make informed choices throughout your Sugar Shift. The more you know, the better decisions you can make..and then rinse and repeat!

Module 4

More science! There is so much important information as we are complex being. In this module we address the glycemic index and glycemic load and more!

Module 5

Gain a clear understanding  of exactly how sugar affects your body. This visual follows the glucose molecule through the body on a quick tour of beautiful you.

Module 6

 This module is your GPS to change. Know where you are going with clarity and strategy so that you can reap the rewards! Here is where we get serious about your goals.

About the Author

Deana Tsiapalis has worked in the banana fields in Australia,  trekked up the Chieftain in Squamish, B.C. and has helped her daughter transition from a Hip Hop dancer to Swan Lake in point shoes in less than 1 min, 30 secs flat! She has an impossibly difficult last name to pronounce but has embraced it appreciatively with her family of 5. Genetically, (or at least she likes to blame it on this) Deana has inherited a strong sweet tooth and has struggled for years to tame the sugar beast. And so, after endless months of preparation and 25 years in the fitness and wellness industry, plus the desire to change her habits for good, 'Shift Your Sugar Habits' was born. As a certified Wellness Coach and a movement specialist, Deana pulls it all together (mostly the coaching) in this 'Coach Approach' e-course.
Eating better got easier when 'I can't have that' turned into, ' I don't want that'"

 What You'll Get

A comprehensive 6 modules, complete with course content, Facebook support for a year and access to all materials for life.

Shift Your Sugar Habits comes with a printable PDF workbook, questionnaires, action steps, slideshows and cool visuals.

Get instant access to your materials and as a thank you for joining, a free reference guide to 'Finish What you started', handy for when the self doubt starts to kick in. 


What People Are Saying...


“I have had the pleasure of working with Deana as my Wellness Coach for the past 6 months. I didn’t know much about Wellness Coaching but needed some guidance on achieving some upcoming goals. I’ve learned how well Deana is equipped with great knowledge on how to help people achieve their successes or as she calls it, reach their ‘mountaintop’ in life. The thing I really appreciate is that she has a knack for putting a positive spin on things. So instead of letting me dwell in the negative as many of us do when we feel like we’ve failed in something, she helps you learn from what went wrong in that situation and gives you other ways of looking at in in the positive. This, in turn, allows you to figure out how to turn it into a success the next time around. On top of that, she explains at the very beginning that everything said between us is completely confidential which really allows you to lay everything on the table. With Deana’s coaching I have been mapping out short term and long term goals and have learned to manage my time better in order to make the most out of it. Needless to say, I have had a very positive experience and would highly recommend trying Deana out as your Wellness Coach.”  

Andrea G // Graphic Designer

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is for you if...

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    You have been told you are pre Diabetic or Diabetic and are ready to make the change
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    You have uncontrollable sugar cravings and you are ready to get off the sugar rollercoaster
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    You have tried to kick the sugar habit before unsuccessfully and are ready for definitive action 
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    You have been told that you have chronic inflammation or an autoimmune disorder and as a result, need to get off the sugar

This course is not for you if..

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    You are looking for a done-for-you program that you follow...no work involved, just show me what to do....the quick fix.
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    You are not prepared to do the work necessary for change 
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    You feel there is no reason to change as all is well right now
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    You are not willing to put in the time to foster the process of change
Gain Control 
  • Try 'Shift your Sugar' out risk free. I am so convinced that you will love this program that I have a money back quarentee! If you are not satisfied with your experience or the knowledge you have gained after completing the first module then simply send us an email and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Some Important Extras Free with Registration

Access to a private Facebook Group

Get access to our Facebook group as part of your course and gain from the other participants input and experience! Support through this valuable community is just one of the powerful tools to help you make change. Join us for bonus material within the Facebook group too!


Free coaching call 

You are well into the program and you've hit a snag. You feel stuck and could really use some help (think "Who wants to be a millionaire?"). That's where this bonus feature really works it's magic. Work with me, one-on-one for your complimentary 45 minute coaching call to help you get back on track. This call alone is worth $120 but is yours, free as a part of the Shift Your Sugar Habits.


Free 7 step visual summary on Shifting your Sugar habits for good

There is a fair amount of content in this course, it's what sets us apart from the other programs. This handy summary puts the key points into it all into a visual format to print off and keep handy during your Shift.

  All this plus more for just $169

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    6 Modules complete with content and action steps
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    Game changer e-workbook
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    Free coaching call to keep you on track
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    Free one week sugar free/sugar reduced meal plan               


Shift Your Sugar Habits Today!

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