​Pilates ​'Practice At Home' Kit

​Matworks Pilates is Awesome.

Matworks Pilates With Equipment Is Awesome-er!

With Covid-19 we have had to pivot as to how we practice our Pilates... taking our classes online, without the interaction of our fellow Pilates 'Practictioners'...and our beloved equipment. 

The time has come to bring back our small Pilates equipment  and to amplify our overall workload and experience. I have put together two options for Pilates equipment purchase. 

The 'Basic' package includes 3 pieces that enhances the repetoire,  whereas the 'Complete' package includes ​6 pieces of ​​​all the pieces you love...Ok, maybe love is a strong word ; ). It's like having your very own Pilates Studio at home. ​

And just for fun, there may be a surprise or two in your box! Ooooh, the anticipation!​

There are more Youtube videos coming in the near future that will include our Pilates equipment, so even if you are unable to make it to class, we've got you covered! (For all pre-recorded classes go to our 'Pain 2 Possibilities' Youtube channel).

Packages will be available for pick up or delivery (for our Pilates people who live further away) via Canada Post (shipping charges will be extra).

N.B. Purchasing the equipment is optional. You can still participate in any of the classes with some modifications if you choose not to purchase.

​Price List:


​Elevate your home practice



  • ​Theraband
  • Pilates Ball (small)
  • Pilates Balance Disc
  • Surprise Items Included

​Raise the bar on your home practice experience



​tax inc.

  • Theraband
  • Pilates Ball (small)
  • Yoga Tune Up Ball And Yoga Block
  • Pilates Ring
  • Pilates Balance Disc
  • ​Surprise Items Included

​Confirm your package before


We Love Our Pilates People!

​And as Always, Coco And I Say Thank You For Your Continued Support.