Shift your sugar habits

7 Lessons     

Learn the 'how's' and identify your 'why's' as you begin one of the most impactful health shifts you can make.

Course Structure

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Introduction to Shift your sugar

This is where it all begins! Important information you need to know to dive into your Shift Your Sugar e-course.

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Module 1 – Mindset matters - part one

Module 1 helps to set your brain up for success and begins to implement overall strategies with all important tools for change.

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Module 2 – Mindset matters – part two

Because there is so much good stuff to share we created part two! A whole lotta Sugar shifting tidbits are packed into this module

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Module 3 – The Science - part one

There is a lot of information to work through and understand when it comes to sugar. We are going to drill down and make sense of it all. I really want you to truly understand what is going on inside so that you can make informed decisions. Just like buying a new home, you really want to know what that house and neighbourhood is all about before you ‘buy’ into it.

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Module 4 - The Science - part two

A continuation of the science behind sugar and it's effects on the body.

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Module 5 - Physiological response to sugar

A visual guide to help you understand exactly what happens once refined sugar enters the body. 

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Module 6 – Goal setting for success

And now it's time to get down to business and set a clear path forward on your Shift your sugar mission.