Kick your back pain to the curb

5 Lessons Easy

‚ÄčIn this lesson we talk about creating a maintenance plan for your 'Bugotti'. Actually, we discuss the importance of a self care model that can include manual therapy such as Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractics, Massage Therapy and more. It is about finding the right champion(s) to help you on your way to a better back and living without pain.

‚ÄčAll the information you gain here will complement any of the advice you will receive from your manual therapist(s).

Your action step is to watch this video and if you are feeling a weekness in your low back to consider a plan of attack as to what manual therapist you might reach out to. Speak to friends and family about who they reach out to when their back is sore. Who would they recommend as far as a great physiotherapist, for example. Who have they had success with and why?

Don't put this off! You do not have to live in pain, there are people who can help you. It just takes time and patience to find the right team for your care.

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Course Structure

Maintenance 101

Deciding on your champions of manual therapy and why it is such an integral part of back health.

Movement is Medicine!

Discover why you need to move, especially if we are interested in preventing chronic back pain.

Strengthening 101

Strength as your super hero sidekick! Discover how getting stronger helps prevent back pain now and into the future.

Stretching 101

I know we have all heard this message before but lets dig a little deeper and discover why this integral part of better backs is so important.


This is often the one golden 'nugget' that gets left out of the back pain prevention model. Let's find out what it is and how it works!