Lesson 5

‚ÄčThis is one area that is often neglected when it comes to back care. Unless you are going to see your Massage Therapist on a regular basis then this is something you can do at home to help prevent back pain AND increase the overall functionality of the back. It is a key component of preventing limiting back pain.

Deep Tissue release is good for most people. Even if you are currently experiencing back pain and you know that trigger point work is too painful, you can still use this technique to support other areas away from where the pain lies.

‚ÄčAction step: Your task is to first assess where you pain lies and how painful it is. If you are feeling that the pain is more acute (meaning it has just happened and is very sore to the touch) then wait at least a week or two before  trying any myofascial release (or you could simply choose to roll in another location that is not experiencing the acute pain). If you are ok to proceed then simply stuff two tennis balls into an old (clean) sock and tie a knot at the end to hold the two balls into place. Then find a wall and lean into those tennis balls...and BREATHE.