​We've got 6 weeks until Summer. Are you ready to get refocused on your well-being goals?

​Did you start 2019 full of good, healthy intentions with a goal in mind...and then four months later realize that it isn't happening? This program has been created just for you and for the thousands of others who have struggled to make it happen (because life gets in the way, right!). We've got 6 weeks to get refocused and clear on your goals so that you can take massive action and finally hit your ultimate outcome just before the official start of summer.

Join ​our group (because there is strength in numbers!) for a 6 week, transformational, online coaching series ​ where we will expedite your change process and get the ball rolling so you can get your summer glow on! Evening sessions run Monday night at 8:00 and daytime sessions run at 12:00 noon.

​Bonus: Get your free e-book titled 'Finish What You Started' upon registration of this program.


​what you started

​Extension Pilates & Wellness Coaching

​Your 'Doing' starts Monday May 13, 2019!

​This is what your 6 Week Online Group Coaching Program will look like

​Week 1
​Getting clear on your path forward

​THE number one reason ​you are not reaching your goals is,​ a) the path forward was not clear enough, b) the path forward was far too narrow and left no room for error, or c) you felt you were going it alone, or d) something unexpected got in the way (this can take many forms such as a life event, unexpected travel, or illness. As a Wellness Coach, I see it all the time and that is why I am running this program so that we can set you up for success by first getting crystal clear on your path forward.

​Week 2
​All about the food challenge!

​In this week we will tackle the ever important piece of the well-being pie...and that is all about the food. This is not meant to teach your the foundations of healthy eating as there is plenty of information out there to explore. Instead this is a quick start, massive action taking 6 week program that starts your ball rolling immediately! How do we do this? ​In this portion we tackle Meal Planning 101! We will lay out this week as a challenge so that you are instilling amazing new skill sets, then we practice, practice, practice!

​Week 3
​Get Active Challenge!

​​Time to get active and get your metabolic machine working in your favour! We will set our exercise intentions and then go, go, go! ​ This program is meant to kick start your goals again and challenge you to take action but all within the realm of control and sustainability! In other words, this is not a sprint to the finish line!

​Week 4,5,6
​Accountability! Getting it done together

​Accountability is one of the strongest motivators in your path toward change so let's do this together! We will meet online once a week for 6 weeks with a group of like-minded participants and me, your Wellness Coach. ​Each week you will receive a link to our online conferencing platform. This is where the power of Coaching, conversation and team come together to kick-start your mission and to keep you moving forward!

As mentioned above, this program is not a sprint to the finish line. It is also not a 'done-for-you' program. Consider it more of a long distance run with a loving, strategic kick in the backside at the start line to get you refocused and taking action towards a healthier you. We will get this marathon started together​ then you get to carry the torch and cross the glorious finish ​line.

What is included in this 6 week session?

Live ​online  group Coaching by an experienced and certified Wellness Coach with over 25 years in the wellness industry.

​A one week, whole food meal plan complete with prep guide, nutrition info and a grocery list so you can get started right away.

​Weekly challenges and actionable steps so you can really make an impact on your wellness mission.

​About the Author

Deana Tsiapalis has worked in the banana fields in Australia,  trekked up the Chieftain in Squamish, B.C. and has helped her daughter transition from a Hip Hop dancer to Swan Lake in point shoes in less than 1 min, 30 secs flat! She has an impossibly difficult last name to pronounce but has embraced it appreciatively with her family of 5. ​ Deana, after months of slogging away on her laptop, and pulling 25 years worth of wellness stuff in her head together has created the online courses,  "Shift Your Sugar Habits", "Tired, Burnt Out & Addicted to Sugar', "Yes, you 'knead' this" ​ and "6 Weeks to summer" with more to come! As a certified Wellness Coach and a movement specialist, Deana pulls it all together in her 'Coach Approach' online course.

​Who is this program for?

​This strategic kick in the pants costs only $29!

​Why so low? What's the catch?

No catch, just releasing this program for the first time and I am looking for eager participants. Price will go up significantly next time around so don't miss out!

​I have had the pleasure of working with Deana as my Wellness Coach for the past 6 months. I didn’t know much about Wellness Coaching but needed some guidance on achieving some upcoming goals. I’ve learned how well Deana is equipped with great knowledge on how to help people achieve their successes or as she calls it, reach their ‘mountaintop’ in life. ​With Deana’s coaching I have been mapping out short term and long term goals and have learned to manage my time better in order to make the most out of it.”  

​Andrea G.

Graphic Designer

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